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Kuris Plotter C1414 high Ply

Kuris C1414

Product Description

Kuris Plotter C1414 – Compact Machine

Low-cost machine: slim, compact
For fine cutting of textile fabrics, knitted and crocheted goods, technical textiles and special materials.
This is very partial diversoity offers fast and flexible options.
Compact ystem, easy to use along with a perfornance above average and excellent cutting quality, the increasing benefit and speed allows for a very multi-purpose use in industrial series production.

The economic manufacturing of seeries is the strong point of texcut C1414, but also the smallest lot size are supposed to be oroduced without great manipulations, innovative cutting technology along with anattractive cost/performance ratio speak in favour of this installtion

Texcut C1414 cutting machine combines productivity, lexibility and generous workspace ith small footprint with high macnufacturyng quality and low costs, this achine offers a decisive advance

Strong point of the C1414

  • speed
  • Accuray
  • compact sizw
  • includes automation
  • intelligent control technology
  • excellent cutting quality
  • very low noise
  • long life
  • easy to operate


  • expandable silencer
  • cutting height posinle up to 80 mm
  • resealer for already cut parts


  • Clothing industry
  • aerospace industry
  • funirture industry
  • construction industry
  • boat industry
  • railway industry

Techincal Data

  • max cutting height (compress): 30mm
  • max cutting speed: 60 mm/min
  • max position peed: 80 mm/min
  • acceleration: 5 m/s2
  • working width (Y): 1400 mm
  • table width: 1760 mm
  • nominal working length (X) 1400 mm
  • Total length: 3550 mm
  • clearing area (integrate): 1500 mm
  • Operation Voltage: 400v, 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical power supply
  • control/driver: 5kW
  • vacuum system: 11 kW
  • total power comsumption: 12 kW
  • fuse: 50 A(5×10 mm2)
  • protection class: 1
  • compressed air (5-6 bar): 10 l/min (180 l/min along with drill marker)
  • weight of the cutter: 3000 kg
  • Option: drawing device
  • drilling device
  • cooling device
  • milling device
  • Noise level: 57-74 dB(A)
  • working height: 0.85 mm
  • compliance: CE


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