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Shuttle Spreading
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Shuttle – Spreading Machine

Product Description


Spreading Machine

Progress through performance and precision
Just flexible….
powerful and fully automatic machine system

Cradle – spreading machine
The Kirus Shuttle spreading machine suts perfectly for critical ,
smiith materials and/or materials and/or even badly rolled
marteriak bars with differencet surfaces. The new deviating roller
suste, of the driven cradle or material bar ensures an exellent
quality in spreading. Even through fully automatic spreading of
tensuin-sensitive materials excellent spreading results will be
The precise and regilated prefeed material roll will exactly suit
the required spreading speed.
The semi or fully automatic unthreading/threading of the fabric
will reduce essentially the set-up times. Many step to be taken for
the spreading with different positioning and cutting points,
quantity of layers zig-zag spreading programmes as well as numerous
custom-made parameters can be individually programmed.


  • cradle ith fully automated lifting for ergonomic loading process.
  • A new idler-piulley system for the continous ruunning
  • User-friendly machine control
  • graphicl user interface
  • easy to use
  • softare update possible evenafter several years of use
  • programming possiblities for many spreading teps
  • silicon coast river wheel
  • photocell electric for the eamination of the edge control even for
  • difficult material
  • different cutting units simply to be mounted
  • dynamic speed control
  • robust control cabinet-housing with powder coating surface.


  • clothing industry
  • automative industry
  • aviation and space industry
  • furniture industry
  • construction
  • boat industry
  • railway industry


  • Working widths: 1.68 m/1.83 m/1.98 m/2.13 m/ 2.28 m
  • Table widths: up to 2.45 m (others on request)
  • Spreading speed: 100 m/min
  • Spreading height: 150 mm
  • Fabric roll diameter: max 800mm
  • Fabric roll weight: max 125 kg
  • Electrical connection: 2.0 kW; 400V
  • Weight of machine: depending on working width and equipment – from 500 kg
  • Operation: Touch panel with graphic interface


  • fabric edge-blowing feature agaist curling effect.
  • Turnable
  • Driven rolling bar for tension-free spreading
  • Zack-cutting unit
  • Zig-zag spreading with catcher system
  • Cradle execution (for fabric rolls up to 600 mm or up to 800 m/min diamter)
  • Travel-on platform and seating support
  • Anti-static bar

Loading equipment:


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