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Kuris A23 Spreader

Product Description

Kuris Spreader A23

Progress through performance and accuracy
Fully automated spreading machine for non-twisting laying which will comply with all the demands in full. Besides, it suits ideally to batch production and production to a large extent.

Benefit a Glance

  • lightweight chassis
  • very low noise
  • all wheels are electrically driven
  • high runnung and laying accuracy – for the mst difficult material specification
  • graphical user interface
  • zag-box available as an option for precise cuts or round knife for cutting in both directions
  • 3 USB connections for darta transmission
  • only a short setting up time
  • Spreading machine A23

Innovative spreading machine which is suitable for critical, smooth fabrics, poorly wound rolls of material.
The new processor meets one of the conditions which is to pt strain sensitive goods without tension

An automatic keypress of the threading and unthreading of the substance facilitates the reduction of the setting up timr consideably
Many laying steps with differences application and the cutting point, ply number, zig zag laying program, and many other material specific parameters can be individually programmed

Basis features

  • Fully automatic spreading with step processing
  • Automatical thread in and thread out graphic parameterization
  • Taking over of order data from server
  • Taking iver of orders data from optimizasystem and to convert prodyct management and the enrey if quantities.


  • clothing industry
  • automotive industry
  • aviation and aerospace industry
  • furniture industry
  • construction industry
  • boat industry
  • rail industry

Technical Data

  • working widths: 1.68 m / 1.83 m / 1.98 m / 2.13 m / 2.28 m
  • wide table (other on request): 1.85 m / 2.00 m / 2.15 m / 2.30 m / 2.45 m
  • spreading speed: 100 m/min
  • spreading height: 150 mm (with cutting attachment)
  • roll diameter: max.1000 mm / 400 mm standard
  • roll weight: max. 125 kg
  • electrical connection: 3.0 kW, 400V
  • machine weight: from 750 kg (depending on working width and equipment)
  • air supply: max. 6 bar
  • USB connection
  • Touch Panel


  • round knife
  • band knife
  • automatic grinding
  • fabric edge against blowing function curling effect
  • revolving upper carriage
  • weight-dependent brake
  • optical fault detection system
  • blwoing out of folds is individually controllable
  • fan adjustment via toothed belt
  • vibrating plate for substance relaxing insert segment with graphic programming save parameters depending on material non-twisting spread
  • light device
  • share-ride installation and support bracket addtional cutting knife for paper pad autimatically fed float rod
  • unrolling bar with clamping cones
  • unrolling bar is expandable
  • loading device SPEED-LIFT
  • loading device QUICK-LIFT

Addtional cutting knife

Kuris, a specialist in innovative spreading and cutting technology. The comprehensive product program provides solutions epecially for your needs. In our demostration stand and spreading and cloth cutter are available to you, both for general de-cutting demonstrationand to test with you own materials. If you have time to spare, arrange an appointment with us. We will be glae to be of assistance to you, anytime!


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