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Kuris TexCut

Kuris TexCut

Product Description

Kuris Plotter TexCut 25,30,45,60,70,80

TexCut 25,30,45,60,70,80

Innovative high-tect quality products
For cutting of technical textiles and special materials such as foils and venneers, aramid carbon and glass fibers, prepregs and insulation material, sports and
leisure products.
The same applies for the sample and mass production concerning the garment, furniture and automotive industry and in the many other industrial facilities.

The demand of a rising global market lead in many areas of the manufacturing industry to the innovatuon of existing processes. In many case, this eans shifting
tasks on machines that were previously done by hand. This requires a machine technology which is powerful enough to increase productivitu already achieved,
but which is at the ame time simple enough even for beginner to pave the way for the automatic operation.

Kuris has implemented this requirement using TexCut 25 to 80 machines.

Benefits at a glance

Briste belt ith cutting windows 2,2m, 3;5m or 4.5m offer optimum adjustment to the size of the parts and cutfiles
Excellent cutting quality also when cutting, difficult contours and hard marerials due to automatic compensation of knife bending (option smart knife)
High cutting speed guarantees a highly effective output even for single plies
Reduced enegy consumption through economic vacuum unit, vacuum output is optimally controllable (option)
Very easy to be handled by fully eveloped operator guidance.
Easy to maintaince through standardised component, low-maintance.
Fast and comfortable change of knife and cutting head, due to patent-registered service position
Automatic parallelism monitoring – No subsequent manual alignment of the layer package
Automatic sanity check prevents faulty cuts if an operating error occurs
Resealer for a better vacuum

Technical Data

Cutting heights: up to 80 mm compressed
Maximum cutting speed: 45 m/min
Positioning speed: 60 m/min
Working widths: 1.90/2.20/2.40 m(other one on request)
Overall width of the cutter frame: 2.25 /2.55 / 2.75 m
Total lenght of the cutter frame: 3.20 / 4.50 / 5.50 m
Effective cutting lenght: 2.20 / 3.50 / 4.50 m
Lenght of clearing area: 2.00 / 2.50 / 3.30 / 4.30 m
Total width of clearing belt: 2.10 / 2.40 / 2.60 m
Total length of the cutter system: 5.20 / 5.70 / 7.80 / 9.80 m

Operating voltage: 230 /400V. 50/60 Hz, 3-phased
Electronic power connection cutter including conveyer belt: 4kW
Economic vacuum system: 22/30 kW
Compress air (5-6 bar): 10 l/min (for drilling facility: 230 l/min – temporarily)
Weight of the cutter sustem: approx. 3600-3900 kg
Weight of the vacuum system: approx. 600-800 kg


System in movable execution with repect to the take-over of layer packages from several tables
Pattern repeat and stripe processing
Electronic knige break control
Drawing device
Facility for hollow drilling up to 20 mm in diameter
Resealer for a better vacuum
Milling unit

Smat Knife

Knife sizes:
1,2 x 6 mm
2 x 6 bmm
2 x 7 mm
2,5 x 8 mm
3 x 9 mm

Our knives are available with differenct coatings. The blades are avaianle with either serrated or saw tooth grinding and consist of HSS carbide.

Kuris is a specialist in innovative spreading and cutting tecnology. The comprehensive product range provides solutions for your needs. In our demonstration
room, both spreading and cutting systems are provided for genaral demonstration as well as to test using your own materals. We will be happy to assist you if  you want to arrange an appointment with us.


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