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pulling machine

Pulling machine for fabrics

Product Description

We are the producer of a new generation of pulling machines  – we made them on clients request.

The machine made specialy for strong fabrics to pull them till 4 m length.

mostly used for pillows and chair production.

Our machine is very exact and have full automatic edge controle.

The machine works complete alone – mean the user program the length and the amount of plys

and start the machine – rest the pulling machine do, during the worker can arrange some other work…



pulling machine













The Pulling machine is made for strong fabrics like yeans, woven, or plastic – stable fibres

The machine pull the fabric roll which will be unwinded to the table.

The pulling machine works complete alone – the person only need to look somtimes for the machine

He program the length and the amount and start the machine – the machine will make all layes together

and stop after finish the amount of lays.

The advantage is that the person have an easy loading of the machine and the machine works alone

the machine works with Servo engines, so is very exact.

The table length is in request

The maximum pulling length should not be more than 4 – 6 meters

the standard width is between 180 cm and 240 ( 20 cm steps )


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